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Playing off of the recent success of the hit game Modern Warfare 2, Medal of Honor puts you in the shoes of soldiers fighting terrorists in the modern day world. The majority, if not all of the game, takes place in remote mountain villages in what appears to be Afganistan. Rangers You play many roles in the game. You play as a fierce Ranger, Specialist Adams. The Rangers are described as the "hammer" of the army. They get things done by blowing up and killing every and anything in their way, and they are ruthlessly efficient. Tier 1 You also play as several Tier 1 operatives, Rabbit and Deuce. Tier 1 is described as the "scalpel". They are precise, accurate, efficient, stealthy, and most importantly, deadly. Whereas the Rangers might blow up everything in their path and leave a trail of destruction, Tier 1 will strike in the middle of the night or from several miles away. You don't see Tier 1 coming, and they are gone before you realize they are there. This gives the game a nice nice mix of both light stealth combat and heavy action combat. The game flows nicely and you rarely, if ever, will find yourself bored or confused as to what you need to do next. Objectives are clear, simple, and diverse. Also, there is a good mix of weapons and enemies in the game. The different characters' story lines are connected, and some of them met during the course of the game. Look & Feel The graphics are better than expected, especially with the highest settings enabled. The cutsceens have a realistic, gritty look to them which helps add to the immersion. The controls are smooth and there is almost no lag, even when there are dozens of enemies on screen. The AI was better than expected also; I found myself continually wary of getting flanked and I could have sworn enemies were moving places behind cover.

There were many interesting missions, but one stood out above all the others (no spoilers, don't worry). You and your squad find yourself ambushed at the bottom of a mountain by literally hundreds of terrorists steaming down the mountain attacking you. You have no cover other than a single hut, and even that gets destroyed thanks to numerous RPGs and a truck filled with explosives. As your squad of four men try to hold off the onslaught, your ammo and supplies depletes rapidly. Although backup is on the way, your squad leader realizes that you guys aren't going to make it long enough for the help to arrive, so he calls it off. The whole time this is happening, dramatic music is subtly playing in the background. The music's volume rises and you slowly realize this is probably your squad's last stand. You continue fighting using the gradually crumbling walls of the blow-up hut as cover. As you fire your last round, the enemies charge at your hut. Then...well I guess you will just have to play to find out.

Multiplayer I feel inclined to briefly mention Medal of Honors multiplayer, although I usually don't review anything but the single player modes. MOH's multiplayer was developed and is run by DICE, the guys behind the Battlefield series's multiplayer. MOH's multiplayer felt like a cross between Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Its a good mix that manages to get the best of both and combine them. Conclusion Overall, the game was fantastic. I hate giving perfect scores, but Medal of Honor is an anomaly...a really fun, awesome anomaly. As much as I tried, I couldn't find anything that was wrong with the game (except that there wasn't more of it!). And so, I very grudgingly gave it a perfect 10. ***PRO TIP*** Cover is your best friend. Use it. You can't go Rambo or play this game like other shooters. Even on medium difficulty, it is essential you are behind cover at all times! If you liked the review, or even if you didn't, Comment!

GameCarbon Game Review Fable3

April 22nd 2011 11:44
Fable 3 game review
Hey guys its Buddhazz and I am writing you my very first written review. Thatís right guys I am losing my game review virginity.

Fable 3 is a game held in the early ages. It is a cross between swords, early guns and magic which is a familiar combination. It is an RPG and the best one I have ever played, yes it tops Oblivion. You play as a handsome prince named ... well I forget his name but he has an evil brother named ... Shut up, ok. Anyway his evil brother is the king of the land the game is set in called Albion and he is hated throughout the kingdom. In fact the only people who like him are the knights who he pays obscene amounts of money to look after him and even they arenít crazy about him. After you have to make a decision whether your girlfriend gets executed or the protesters do you have had
enough. You decide that you have to leave the palace. (many spoilers alert) You discover that you have magic power and that your dad, the former king was the last hero of Albion (no shit Sherlock). You leave with your butler and your fighting coach who, aside from your dog are your only friends. The rest of the game is set out in two parts; trying to make allies to form a rebellion and when you are king, preparing for an attack.

Throughout, the game is free roam which is one of the things that makes this game so good. The story line is set out in individual quests set across many towns. Of course there are side quests to go along with it but there will probably be more important things on your mind. Once half way through forming and army you get shipwrecked at an undiscovered island inhabited by an omen called the darkness. You may not know it but this will come into play later. When you escape you find the island you were looking for, the lost city of Atlantis, or was it Aurora. Anyway after you befriend them you are ready for the revolution.

In the second part of the game you are king and you have to prepare for an attack from the darkness, what did I tell you. You have to decide to become a tyrant to earn money to save your people from an attack or stay a hero and keep all your promises but watch most of the people of Albion die. Your decision.


Now to get down to business. I think that this game is very good if you have the patience. It takes a while to get into but once you do then you will definitely like it. It gets the Buddhazz rating of 9 as it is a great game but it starts slow and the combat is tedious. I think what the creators really
did well is that there is so many scenarios you can run in this game and you can choose to be evil or good with every decision you make in the game.

Game Carbon Videos

April 21st 2011 10:02
We have our new site. We are doing better but need more visitors. If you are a game carbon fan visit us at our new site:

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GameCarbon FlashGame Pile Up #1

February 28th 2011 17:47
Hello People. Its plaba for GameCarbon. This is the first instalment of "Flash Game Pile Up". The game is Hardcore Mario, this is plaba's gameplay and solo commentary. Please Rate Comment Subscribe.

Here is the video
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Game Review assassin's creed brotherhood

February 15th 2011 20:44
Hello all, its PLABA and its my first review on my new blog Game Carbon .I am going to start by saying Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood is a badass and incredibly deep game. The only major flaw I believe the series continues to have is it ridiculous story that often times gets way too big for its britches. Other than that, the gameplay is outstanding, the graphics and game-world are vibrant, the action is intense and the game will take dozens upon dozens of hours to complete, dozen upon dozens more to finish every nuanced side-quest, purchase/find every weapon, uncover all the hidden treasures Ė itís so impressive and immersible, it makes my short list of possible games of the year, right along side the other recent major sandbox title , Red Dead Redemption. And oh yeah, there is multiplayer this time around.

One thing I never understood about the Assassinís Creed games though is the way they tell their story. You know what Iím talking about Ė the fact that you are actually some shlub in the modern era who steps into a Matrix rip-off type and jumps into the body of some mysterious 15th century Assassin named Enzio. Why did Ubisoft decide to go with this incredibly complicated plot device? Perhaps is so the futuristic menus would make sense? Maybe they didnít think fans would appreciate a title that doesnít have any connection to the modern world? Which ever way you cut it (and youíll do a lot of that in Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood) itís a weird way to tell a story that simply boggles me

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Game preview Kingdom under fire 2

February 11th 2011 17:33
Ok hay all its plaba. I am going to be posting again soon and I need something to do it about. Could be a game review, preview, rant anything. Just comment and it could be your idea or email me at

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KOTOR MMO Is Confirmed.

July 20th 2008 20:01

Mass Effect

January 3rd 2008 05:45
Holy Crap!

I went out and rented Mass Effect for the 360. This is by far one of the best 360 games I have ever played. The story is better than a typical multi-million dollar Hollywood production and has characters you actually feel for. When is the last time you actually felt anything for a character in a movie? I can't really remember. Maybe 300 but I'm weird like that

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